Accelerate Your Life is a 12 week programme, made of up 24 lessons that are guaranteed to take your life to the next level


Step up, stand in your power, find your voice, confidence, love and forgiveness, and clear your energy so you can transform yourself, your life, and the world around you into exactly what you want in just 12 weeks. Take your game to the next level.

The Accelerate Your Life programme is designed for YOU if you experience ONE of the following

What you can expect from the Accelerate Your Life 12-week programme

The New Bullet Proof You

You feel stuck or stagnant in any area of your life, career, business, professional relationships, friendships, family relationships, love relationships, and even health & fitness.

You know there is more out there, and you seek the support, guidance, and encouragement to understand the signs, how to trust in yourself, and follow your heart.

You experience a lack of self-confidence, inner strength, and perhaps the ability to make certain choices and decisions in your life that are best for you but can’t seem to do it.

You lack in thought control, feel controlled by your thoughts, want to take control of your thoughts in every situation.

You feel a lack of power or loss of power in any area, you want to take your power back.

You seek to find your voice and experience full expression in every situation.

You find it difficult to take actions toward what you want and change old habits and behaviours.

You feel alone, like you are different and as if no one understands you, you are not like others.

You feel directionless and are unclear of your deeper purpose aka What is is all for?.

You seek inspiration, more motivation, to feel energised, and to make an impact.

You simply want to be happy; you have learned it all and still have not been able to put it into action and get the results you want.

You are looking for simple next steps and support required to make an impact in your life and take your game to the next level.

Accelerate Your Life is a 12-week programme delivered by Global Consultant, Lyndsay King. It takes you through a deep step by step process on how to unblock and accelerate your potential through a series of exclusive weekly videos, weekly LIVE group sessions, and Q&A (with playback), weekly written exercises, links to all previous Q&A sessions, private WhatsApp group with daily encouragement and guidance, 24/7 WhatsApp access, 1:1 sessions, and BONUS materials throughout.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you can expect to be a new and improved version of yourself through using these simple, practical practices and techniques. With the information, knowledge, and support you will finally understand how to be in control of your life, via your thoughts, choices, decisions, how to manage relationships, and to allow yourself to feel happy, excited, and purposeful. Most importantly, after the initial 3-month programme is completed, you will always be in the programme and have the support available to you to join the group calls and sessions.

  • You will feel better, stronger, and more focused on your career, business, relationships, and how to make decisions and choices for yourself. 
  • You will gain clarity around relationships, establish boundaries, and develop the ability to communicate effectively, inflow and experience less upheaval, and more flow.
  • You will have a newfound confidence and a true feeling of being in control of your thoughts and emotions.
  • You will understand what it feels like to truly stand in your power and find your voice from deep inside allowing challenging or difficult situations to be approachable, manageable and to find a resolve with ease.
  • You will step into alignment and speak your truth and be able to express the real fearless you.
  • You will develop strong positive habits and practices for long-lasting results and deep peace and happiness.
  • You will develop a feeling of belonging, connectedness, and grounding.
  • You will understand inspiration, motivation, and how to draw on these energies to drive yourself, and your life forward in the direction you want and choose.

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