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You are in the RIGHT place if you experience ANY of the following:

✅ You feel stuck or stagnant in any area of your life, career, business, professional relationships, friendships, family relationships, love relationships, and even health & fitness

✅ You know there is more out there, and you seek the support, guidance, and encouragement to understand the signs, how to trust in yourself, and follow your heart.

✅ You experience a lack of self-confidence, inner strength, and perhaps the ability to make certain choices and decisions in your life that are best for you, but you can’t seem to find the courage to do it.

✅ You have trouble controlling your thoughts, you have anxiety, fear of what may happen, or feel you have distorted thinking, and you want to take control of your thoughts and emotions in every situation.

✅ You want to find your deep voice of truth in every situation, to step up in your leadership and find your full self-expression.

✅ You know you have certain habits, behaviours, and thoughts patterns that need to change, and you find it difficult to change them.

✅ You seek more inspiration in your life, business, work, love, and/or relationships. More motivation, a feeling of being energised from within, and you want to make a difference, and an impact.

✅ You simply want to be happy; you have learned it all and still have not been able to put it into action and get the results you want.

✅ You are looking for a proven system for personal growth, a solid process for long-lasting results, and a simple step-by-step approach to taking your game to the next level!!


Nice to meet you!


My name is Lyndsay King, I inspire people just like you to get their mojo back. I support creative and successful individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other ambitious types, to make decisions and choices in their life that empower you to live into the version of yourself that you are meant to become. Yes, this is true freedom and this is where happiness, peace, and success resides.

Together I help people turn dreams into reality, step into their truth and into alignment, find their voice, awakening, break through to the next level, all whilst full of peace, harmony, happiness, and joy. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. People like you do it every single day. And that’s why I developed the Accelerate Your Life Process to give you a guided step by step process in achieving everything you’ve ever wanted. You will have the skills to prosper, persevere, and flourish that no one can ever take away from you!!!

I am a high performance mindset coach, and a business and spiritual mentor. I’ve combined my understanding of energy with leadership and business skills, and I speak on stages all over the world motivating conference and corporate audiences on mindset, success, how to unlock your deepest potential, and personal freedom, and how to enjoy the ride whilst doing it!


As a member of the global community of international citizens, I am originally from New Jersey, and have lived in New York City, Upstate NY, London, Madrid, Paris, and am now in Norway south of Oslo. I have travelled to more than 60+ countries and have lived life from every angle in all sorts of adventures. I’ve recently manifested and married my soul mate and plan to have a family in my 40s without fertility treatments.   

I spend my free time travelling, cycling, hiking, skiing both downhill and cross country, working out, practising yoga and meditation, horse riding, and studying and reading. 

The bottom line is, I love what I do, and I am here to help you get the results you want and to live the life you truly desire. I will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. 

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Stand up, step into your power, stand on your own two feet, find your voice of truth, and create the life you have always wanted. Stand in your confidence, your love, in your forgiveness, and shift your energetic field and transform yourself, your life, from the inside out.

Watch the world around you start to change to exactly what you want in just 90 days! You start getting results within days and weeks. It’s time to take your game to the next level with the Accelerate Your Life Process™

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What Is

Accelerate Your Life Process™?

The Accelerate Your Life Process™ is a specialised technique that combines unique methods drawn from practices used throughout 1000s of years of history and civilisation. Lyndsay King has drawn upon multiple practices that she has learned over her 30+ years of exploration, and hand selected the most impactful skills and techniques which have worked for her personally.

“The key here is that not only am I guiding my clients through the AYL process every day and week, I am also continuously practising it myself, and I am always amazing at how exactly the process is, and so are my clients! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.”

The AYL program provides simple, practical practices and tools that develop productive perspectives, habits, beliefs, and a deeper understanding of how to approach and manage challenging situations in business, career, with family, friends, partners, children, and in other relationships.

This is a leading programme designed for personal and total life transformation and developed for excellence. AYL cartres to all learning styles to ensure the very best results. We take a bespoke and personal approach like no other program on the market of this calbre. Each person is guaranteed personal attention to address their needs.

We include audio, visual, video, images, group coaching, business and spiritual training, energy clearing, reading, writing, visualisation and meditation, group study, and self-study.

💎 Through the mentorship, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, experience more self-acceptance, confidence, a deeper intuition, self-love, and letting go. Together we will set your dream goals aimed at your wants and deepest desires, and AYL will teach you how to get alignment with what you want in your life so you can start creating it now.


💎 Finding your truth, your voice, getting inspired, and truly stepping into your power, so you can easily and effortlessly shift everything in your life to be exactly what you want for long-lasting results. In AYL we explore leadership and show you how to get into alignment with your values, channel your charismatic energy from within, make decisions, empowered choices, be inspirational, and make an impact.

💎 The Accelerate Your Life Mentorship and Coaching Programme provides you with a total life transformation in all areas. Developing a full understanding around the fundamentals of success, Universal Laws, healing and clearing blocks from the energetic field, and getting to know and trust your deepest intuition. Unlock the secret to infinite potential, your mission, purpose, and to your deepest power. Be the true creator of the world around you.


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👌24 Lessons Pre-Recorded, Group, and Presented Weekly LIVE with Lyndsay King
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The Masterclass for finding your calling, being true to yourself, overcoming fears, building unbreakable confidence, and living your purpose.

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Here are some of the things that my clients are saying…

Are You Ready To Make The Next Step?? 


Here's More Of What You Can Expect From The

90-Day Accelerate Your Life Course


The Accelerate Your Life Process supports people in taking their mind to the next level in all areas. AYL triggers your awakening, expansion, and growth to allow you to experience more wealth, health, well being, success. With our unique Accelerate Your Life Process and the other modules, systems, strategies and support, you can accomplish all of your goals alongside creating the life of your dreams, and increasing your quality of life exponentially. 

We have had a 100% success rate for all of those who have participants and follow the process. You will absolutely get what you put in. This is the AYL promise.

Get Started Now!!! You will wish you did this years ago, trust your gut, your inner voice, and you will never steer yourself wrong.

At the end of 90 days, you can expect to be a new and improved version of yourself through using these simple, practical practices and techniques.
With the information, knowledge, and support you will finally understand how to be in control of your life, via your thoughts, choices, decisions, how to manage relationships, and to allow yourself to feel happy, excited, and purposeful.
Most importantly, after the initial 90-day course is completed, you will always be in the program and have the support available to you to join the group calls and sessions.


Register for the Accelerate Your Life Course and make this year your year of self-love, confidence, great change, transformation and success. The dramatic shift in your life will shock you because you would never have known it could be so good. This is the AYL promise to you.


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